Monday, April 16, 2012

Brinner Strikes Again

We ate waffles for dinner. I'd say we do brinner a total of 3 times a year, so this is quite the interesting coincidence! Apparently it makes me happier than I realize.

In January, I decided my mantra for the year would be "respect your body so you can trust your body." For myraid health reasons, I'm trying to give up refined sugar and white flour (actually, including white potatoes and white rice!). Which sometimes (today) feels impossible. I know I will be happy if I do it, but I'm not quite sure how to get there. I have been exercising every weekday morning at 6:00 since September, which is the most consistently I have exercised before. Ever. In my entire life. And it feels amazing. Two weeks ago I took off because my sister was in town and then my exercise partner went out of town, and I felt so sluggish all week. I ended up needing a nap everyday, I felt cranky, and I craved more junk food. Snapping back to my exercise habits that last two weeks has been like night and day. The sad part is, I think I used to feel like that every single day! So, now that I'm trying to give up sugar and white flour, I wonder how great it will make me feel, and obviously don't I want that? I'm going to try to work harder for it.

For her birthday, Bria wants a strawberry cake with pudding, strawberry frosting, and strawberries all over the cake. This girl knows what she wants. Please, let her never lose that.

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