Thursday, January 17, 2013

Off to a Good Start

We have a little hand-written sign on our front door that says "No Waiting!" It was written over a year ago to remind me and Sam to take control and create the lives we wanted. No more waiting around for stuff to fall in our laps. People often ask about that little sign, and I always forget it's still there, so I chuckle, give the brief explanation, and then think about taking it down. After last year I felt like life was laughing a bit at us: "you think you can try to make things go your way? mua ha ha." So maybe I was a bit jaded. But, actually, the truth is 2012 was just life. It was awful, but it wasn't insane or unfair. Sure, I started wondering if I was cursed, but, if I'm honest, I know there will be years in my future that rival and probably beat 2012 in levels of horribleness. And I need to be ok with that so I can handle it a little better than I handled 2012.


I am going to re-embrace that little mantra. No waiting! I still think it's a good one. And one of the first things I did this year was enroll in a class at the community college. It's a world literature course, and I'm a little excited. Nervous to be back in the classroom (what if I forget how to be a student?). Worried because I never felt like I had the best study skills to begin with. Happy because I'm taking a step on a path.

The next, most important thing I need to do is find a study group, right? 

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