Monday, September 16, 2013

Three Weeks In

I have now been in school for three weeks, and it's time for a report. Overall, school is going well. My meditation class is as awesome as I hoped it would be, and I think it's changing my life. I'll try to write a longer post about that later. Yoga is good, but it's also rather comical. I started doing yoga 11 years ago, so I figured it would be fairly simple for me to find modifications for my increasingly huge pregnant body. Hmmm. Not so much. Let's say it's a really good exercise for me to not care at all what others are thinking. Yoga has, surprisingly, been rather rough for my back. I've had chronic low back pain since I was a young teenager, and pregnancy doesn't exactly make that better. I've been getting acupuncture to help manage, but putting weight on my knees and sides can make the pain rather acute. Luckily, I think I've determined that my old mattress is the main culprit (which means I've currently kicked Bria out of her bed so I can sleep there), so I'm hoping I'll be able to bend and move again in the next couple days. The point is: yoga is really hard.
And now for my education class. The first day I felt out of place. I feel really old compared to all these straight-out-of-undergrad kids, and my ginormous belly makes me stand out even more. Combine that with my feel self-conscious about having nearly zero meaningful work experiences, and my anxiety levels go through the roof. Each class has gotten better, and tonight I found myself contributing several comments to various discussions. Three cheers for me finding my stride and gaining some academic confidence. It helps that the material is so fascinating to me. Tonight we discussed the social, political, and economic goals of public education and it was blowing my mind. It's so complicated. But it was so refreshing to be surrounded by more of a majority who have similar liberal and progressive opinions to mine compared to my undergraduate experience at ye olde BYU.
Overall my classes are awesome, and I am loving being in school. I am so, so tired though and find I barely have the energy to eat three meals a day. (Confession: there has been a lot of cold cereal 'round these parts.) My to-do lists are getting out of control: there are growing lists in regards to school, baby, and still getting settled in our house. I am also aware that I have a sweet little girl who is still adjusting to kindergarten and needs a little extra love and attention right now. (Also she wants me to sign her up for chess and karate lessons, and I need to get back to her reading lessons.)
This is all so much better than being bored, though, Seriously.

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