Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Beginnings

For a long time I've wanted a new blog. Somewhere to to write about more than food, but not something dedicated to the goings-on of my family. A place where I can be and express myself without the inane and angsty ramblings of blogs I maintained in younger years. I read this blog post and realized what I want this new blog to be: a documentation of my search for beauty, joy, peace, truth, and light. In a nutshell, hey! I'm a hippie! And I want to tell you all about it. A common problem with blogs is the crafting of this perfect and happy image, and while I want to document the positive things in this world, I want to be upfront and honest about myself. This blog will be designed to help me see the beauty in life, because all too often, I miss it. There are many, many days when I contribute nothing positive to the world, but I hope that by searching for and documenting more of the happy, joyful, and beautiful moments in life, I will be more aware of the abundance of those things in my life.

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