Friday, January 27, 2012

The first report of happy

So one thing I want to do with this here blog is post things that make me happy. So today, here are some things.

1. Sam didn't go to work until 3:30 pm today (which isn't the happy part), but it meant we had the morning together while Bria was at preschool. We thought about cleaning and working and what-not, but instead we watched Parks and Recreation AND 2 episodes of 30 Rock. Watching tv in the morning? That makes me super happy, y'all.

2. We went to the park for a quick outing before Sam left, and it was SIXTY degrees, so, obvs, I didn't bring a coat. However, my weather app didn't mention how windy it was, so I was f.r.e.e.z.i.n.g. at the park. But the blue skies made it worth it.

3. This dates back to elementary school, but whenever I go to anyone's house or any social event or basically have any agreement to interact with someone, I always panic last minute that I've got the wrong day, time, or person. (Has this ever actually happened to me? No.) But despite my random anxiety, I asked a friend if I could borrow a movie, she said yes, I walked to her house, knocked on her door (after re-checking our text convo to verify the arrangement), and even chatted a while before leaving. This is a big step for me, friends. Spontaneous social interaction (which led to a movie night)? Score! Happy!

4. And now it's the weekend. The world is a good place. 

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  1. What do I do on downtime during a shift at work? Stalk my sister, of course! :) Do you know the last time I read your blog I thought it just had 5 posts on it? I got to read so much more about you tonight! :) I love it. And just btw, I do the same thing - where I last minute think I have the wrong date or time or place etc. I can appreciate your spontaneous social interaction!