Wednesday, November 21, 2012

In Which I Unleash My Inner Artist

Up until about a year ago, if anyone said the word craft, I would shudder. There was something about doing crafts that seemed to epitomize being a stay-at-home mom, which was really hard for me. Yes, I'm aware I am a stay-at-home mom, but I've struggled having that be part of my identity as well. So I developed this aversion to crafts because it felt like I would be letting myself go to enjoy them, and I wanted to resist! I didn't want to lose myself to tole painting and vinyl letters. You should know I realize this is absolutely ridiculous. But it was real enough to me that I actually brought it up to my therapist. Ha! Soooo, over the last year I have worked through some of my stubbornness and have come to really enjoy creating things. (I even got a sewing machine for my birthday!) Granted this means my projects sometimes (often?) look like an eight year-old did it, but I don't even care.

Ok, this leads me to share this link where you can see two shirts I painted for Bria using a stencil from the Alison Show. Serious crafty skillz I tell you-- cutting and painting! Anyway, I love her crafts over there because they are really accessible, but also because they're cool. It doesn't make me feel like I need to wear Mom jeans and perm my hair to make them. If anyone wants to have a craft night to make some things from a Hip Handmade Holiday, let me know! I'm totally game.


  1. YOU ROCK! You are famous!
    I agree with the whole crafting-aversion thing, which is funny since I love to sew. I try to fool myself that sewing isn't REALLY crafting. You and me. We won't craft as much as we'll CREATE. deal? (put a bird on it!)

  2. this is the part of the blog comment where I cry about me not living close enough to you to actually take you up on the craft night offer.

    (um, your crafts are awesome, by the way. those nutcrackers? and the robot t-shirts you gave my kids when chloe was born? so fun!)