Friday, November 16, 2012

Well, hello.

So now I'm curious. Ummm who is reading this thing? I had been toying with the idea of starting a new blog for a long, long time. In fact, I started this blog in January! But it was private up until this point while I was deciding what to do. I mean, I am a serial blog starter, and I find it obnoxious. But I wanted a place where I could talk about anything I wanted-- didn't have to be food and didn't have to come with pictures of Bria (but could definitely include those things too!). So we can call this my hybrid blog. Anyway, hi! I project this blog has a life span of either four months or four years.

So. Let's talk Thanksgiving real quick. I'm making the turkey for the first time! In fact, I have never roasted any sort of bird, and I'm super nervous. I am going to try brine (though I can't decide if I'll do wet or dry), and I am going to spatchcock that thing. The idea is to cut out the backbone of the turkey so you can lay it out flat and the legs will cook at the same rate as the breast. I'm terrified. But I bought new poultry shears, and I'm hoping I can channel my inner surgeon so I don't mind the sound of snapping bones.

A couple more random things about next Thursday:

I read these 10 Laws of Thanksgiving and loved them. I'm so excited and starting to feel all sorts of festive. (But I am a scrooge. Please let's not talk about Christmas until Friday, ok?)

If you're going to have green bean casserole, please volunteer to make it and follow this recipe, ok? Martha is Martha for a reason, and no one should eat canned green beans on Thanksgiving. Or ever. 

Bria is most excited about the brussels sprouts. Like, even more than pie. I love that girl.


  1. First, I'm reading this blog. Obs.
    Second, I'm SO excited for Thanksgiving, too!
    Third, this turkey technique sounds amazing.

  2. I'm reading! We had our first brined turkey with scott and rachel 5 years ago (cute, huh!?). It was yummy. My only suggestion is to NOT plan on making your gravy out of the turkey drippings. Unless you want to die of a saline overdose. Wow.

  3. I'm already a fan!
    Also, I will always brine our turkey (ditto maren's comment about gravy though). I'm a huge fan of brining, but I'm intrigued by the spatchcock method. Will you blog about it? I can't believe I was put in charge of green bean casserole this year. This recipe was just what I needed. Thanks!

  4. I am a little bit late to the reading this blog party, but I am here now.