Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Logistics: part one of a billion

It's good I'm starting to think about at least writing about starting school. Because it made me realize that there are probably some things I need to figure out. Like financial aid, and my immunization record, and I don't know-- stuff, etc.
Here are a couple things I have done in preparation.

1) The very first thing I did when I was accepted was contact the school and explain my situation. I asked if there was any possibility of taking time off from the program, and luckily, they have been very accommodating. I have five years to complete the program, so I can pace myself however I need. My current plan is to take one class this fall, take the spring semester off, then resume next summer or fall. In April I'll evaluate when I want to head back.

2) We moved from Alexandria to Fairfax. Since Sam works in Maryland, we figured at least one person in our family should live by where they go all the time. His commute stayed the same, and I now live 5 minutes from school instead of 40. There is also a city bus I can take to campus so I don't have to worry about a parking pass. And on ambitious days, I'll walk. And when I'm not hugely pregnant, I'll ride a bike! (Note to self: buy a bike.)

3) All of the classes in my program are night classes. That would be convenient if Sam didn't work nights. The one class I am taking meets only once a week, so the current plan is for Sam to go into work late on that one night so we don't need to hire a babysitter. I feel really lucky that this is the case, and I know we might not always be so lucky as I start taking more classes in the future. Also, part of my program will include student teaching, which means this baby boy is going to need full-time care at some point (unless Sam is still working nights). Clearly, there are a lot of variables, so I'm trying to not worry that far down the road.

4) The big question is what will happen when the baby comes. I am due November 7th, the last day of classes is December 7th, and my final exam is scheduled for December 16th. Luckily we've got Thanksgiving in there too. It's in the works for either my mom or one of my three sisters to be here from the time I have the baby until the semester ends. Some of the specific details will need to get worked out once I have an idea of what the class will be like. I'm hoping this baby arrives late like his sister. (Can I put in a request for the 19th?)

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