Friday, July 5, 2013

My Life is a Science Experiment

When you don't blog for five months, you should have an excuse, though I am often a terrible blogger with no reason. I guess I could say I have had stuff going on because there is finally going to be a tiny baby joining our family in November, and those first three months were an absolute hell of nausea and migraines. Also, we just moved this weekend, which almost killed me. Moving is so much work. But the real reason I haven't really blogged is because I haven't known how I wanted blogging to function for me. When I applied to grad school (oh yes, and I also got in to grad school! What can I say? I don't like to make only one major life change at once.) I tried to find blogs or articles or anything online about young moms going to grad school, having a baby in grad school, and what that entailed to avoid complete and utter failure. I had a really hard time finding anything-- except maybe someone saying they did that in retrospect-- so I decided I might start blogging about how I'm figuring all of that out. Not because I think I am going to be some expert, but just because I think the information should be out there. I feel like this is a major experiment, and it's a good idea to record my findings.

So, starting in September I will have a daughter in Kindergarten, I will be starting grad school, and I will be seven months pregnant. Here we go!


  1. daaammmn, homegirl, you've got a lot on your plate! It can be really refreshing to take a nice long blogging break.

  2. I read that last sentence and was just like WOW. Seeing it all stacked up like that is pretty mind-blowing. You are a rockstar.