Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Plodding Along

My to-do list borders on out of control. Part of the problem is that I find something new to add every day. Working around the exhaustion and aches and pains of full-term pregnancy means I don't cross very much of my list on any given day. Yesterday I started a labor-inducing routine with acupuncture and I had insane, uncomfortable contractions all day long. As I was nearing bedtime I thought "what if this actually sent me into labor tonight?" and I realized how far I am from being ready-- just in terms of my to-do list. My hospital bag is not packed, my house is a wreck, I still have three papers to write for my class, I haven't finished making burp cloths. Because I was so exhausted and worn out from all-day-long contractions, I had to just go to bed without even attempting to accomplish any of those things weighing on my mind. The baby technically could arrive any day now, though I've done a good job at convincing myself he'll come late. Still, I need to be prepared. Luckily I did get one extra meal in the freezer yesterday-- I'm trying to stock it full so we're not eating Five Guys and Papa Johns for every meal after the baby comes.

In terms of school, yes, I do still have three papers to write. (I am waiting to get my first paper back to help me know if I'm on the right track as far as my teacher's grading is concerned.) BUT, I did finished my observations in the high school. I had two long days of observing, but they were incredibly educational, and I rather enjoyed it. As I suspected, after observing all different levels, I am still most interested in teaching upper level classes-- juniors and seniors honors or AP.
The first day walking in to school, I was immediately mistaken for a student by some security guard who thought I shouldn't be parking in a visitor spot (really?), which immediately made me feel self-conscious. I tried to assume an air of authority and confidence to counteract my youthful look, but it was surprisingly difficult. Walking to my car after school I passed a group of students and immediately heard a girl yell to her friends, "is that a student?!?!"
Once again trying to remind myself I'll be glad I look so young when I'm 50. (Though, ya know, I'm getting rather near 30 and I didn't think I would still be mistaken for a teenager.)

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